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When I’m dating a man I’m no longer bisexual

Just like when I’m at home, I’m no longer employed

Or when I’m not studying I’m no longer a student.

Mmm object impermanency 

Anonymous said: Who makes you feel like that? You don't need people in your life like that.

Meh I agree people shouldn’t act like that. Hopefully the issue has been resolved.

The most hilarious thing in the world is when you express an emotion, and someone else reacts by saying you must have some sort of timer that goes off every so often to make you pick a fight with them.

Yep, because my feelings are invalid. Thanks for brushing that one off and taking no responsibility for your actions.

Life has had me incredibly busy lately. I have to stop myself frequently to make sure I’m living in the present moment, and when I do, everything feels like a foggy dream.

I also have the worst headache on the planet today.

Also, my Amy will be here in like 10 days! IM SO EXCITED TO SHOW HER PORTLAND!!!


Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]






christmas eve what about christmas adam

happy christmas adam to all men’s rights activists

Please stop pestering us with things like this. This has nothing to do with men fighting for their rights. Eve is short for ‘evening’. Please don’t turn activism into a joke. Thanks.

Someone isn’t having a good christmas adam

Christmas Adam: December 23rd. Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying.

That last comment..

You can see league of legends in my glasses

You can see league of legends in my glasses

Anonymous said: You are beautiful!

Thank you!

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